Docomomo UK campaigns to raise awareness of the ideas and heritage of modern movement buildings, landscape and urban design, and we work to conserve significant works from this period. We organize regular events that examine the history of the period and conservation issues related to protecting modern buildings.

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  • Dalcroze and Hellerau 1913-2013
  • Our friends at Quick Locks will be giving us an informative view on modern building security and how it has developed over the last century. They will delve into how locks have developed over time as technological advances have occured and what future developments in lock technology we can expect.
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  • A History Lesson and Look to the Future in the World of Locks and Modern Building Security

    We all appreciate our privacy, and all want to protect what’s ours and our families, don’t we? That’s why security is so important when buildings are being designed. That includes those little things that jangle in your pocket that it seems like you are constantly trying to find at the least opportune time when you need to get going – keys.

    To help you understand better about the important part security has played in the maintaining of modern buildings, friends of the organisation at Quick Locks are going to be providing us with a detailed timeline and guide on modern building security and how things have developed and evolved over the years.

    For something as small, but incredibly important, it is amazed how locks have changed since they were first used. It will be fascinating to hear, from industry experts about the different engineering machinery used as well as craftsmanship and techniques used by locksmiths over the years. They will also discuss at length the advancements that each new piece of locksmith technology resulted in.

    As the locksmith and key cutting business seems to be constantly in flux, a particularly fascinating part of their time travelling tip is what lies ahead. It’s important, for locksmiths up and down the country, whether they are locksmiths in the city of Bristol, London, Newcastle, lock experts in liverpool, Doncaster locksmiths or Sheffield mobile lock experts.