In accordance with the Eindhoven Statement DOCOMOMO works to:


Lubetkin, Finsbury Health Centre,
London 1935

1. Bring the significance of the Modern Movement to the attention of public, local and national authorities, the professions and educational organisations;

2. Identify and promote the recording of buildings of the Modern Movement, through drawings, photographs, archives and other documents;

3. Foster the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and to disseminate these throughout the professions;

4. Oppose the destruction and disfigurement of significant buildings;

5. Identify and attract funding for documentation and conservation;

6. Explore and develop knowledge of the Modern Movement for the benefit of human rights and a sustainable future for all.

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70 Cowcross Street,
London EC1M 6EJ
Telephone: 020 7253 6624

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international phone: +330158515265

UK Registered Charity No: 1003997