The Secretariat of DOCOMOMO-International started in Eindhoven, later moved to the Technical University of Delft and for six years from autumn 2002 it is located in Paris.

UK members may also join this world-wide network of DOCOMOMO-International and receive its regular journal with case-study reports and news from DOCOMOMO groups in all member countries. To join, send the appropriate money to us at DOCOMOMO-UK; it will be forwarded to the international headquarters whence the journal and notices will come to you direct. International membership gives much-needed financial support to the work of consultation with UNESCO, ICOMOS and other bodies which are now finally recognising, through DOCOMOMO's collaboration and advice, that modern architecture has a place alongside earlier periods among internationally preserved sites and in World Heritage listings. International membership also gives concessionary rates for such international events as the biennial Conferences. These have taken place in Eindhoven (1990); at the Bauhaus, Dessau (1992); in Barcelona (1994); Bratislava (1996); Stockholm (1998); Brasilia (2000); Paris (2002); New York (2004) and Ankara (2006). The next conference to be held in Eindhoven (2008). Proceedings of these unique and lively international fora are amongst the DOCOMOMO-international publications which members may buy at concessionary rates by credit card from the international headquarters. (All DOCOMOMO publications are in English.)

Ask us for a complete list or find it on the international website at:

Gropius, Bauhaus building,
Dessau 1925

Niemeyer, Cathedral,
Brasilia 1959