To find out more about Modern Movement architecture and DOCOMOMO's concerns

Ten years of DOCOMOMO work on the national registers of Modern Movement buildings were celebrated at our conference in Brasilia in 2000 by publication of selections from 32 of our groups.
It also contains a unique international bibliography of books and journals on Modern Movement architecture:

Dennis Sharp & Catherine Cooke, editors, The Modern Movement in Architecture: Selections from the DOCOMOMO Registers, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2000. 280pp. ISBN 90-6450-405-9. UK price: 22.00

This is usually held in stock at: Book Art & Architecture, 1 Woodcock Lodge, Epping Green, Hertford, SG13 8ND; phone: 0044 (0) 1707 875253; email: which can also supply copies of the DOCOMOMO-International journal and other publications, as well as second-hand rarities on Modern Movement architecture. (Catalogues issued regularly.)

Several photographs on this website are taken from this book.


New research on Modern Movement city planning was presented in:
Thomas Deckker, editor, The Modern City Revisited, Spon, London, 2000, 258pp ISBN 0-419-25640-7 UK price 27.50

Issues and experience of conservation in this field were assembled in:
Allen Cunningham, editor, Modern Movement Heritage, Spon, London, 1998, 180pp ISBN 0-419-23230-3 UK price: 27.99

The following is a lively and provocative collection of essays, with several UK contributions, which marks the move of our international headquarters from the Netherlands to France in autumn 2002: Hubert-Jan Henket & Hilde Heynen editors, Back from Utopia. The Challenge of the Modern Movement, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam. 2002.