John Glew, Second Thought

A small exhibition of drawings, models and photographs and proto-­‐types, simply presented ‐ pinned to the wall. A broad range of work over 15 years includes; landscape, public & residential, interior, furniture and design, photography and sketches. An A2 catalogue includes descriptions of projects and texts by both: Tony Fretton ‐ “This is an architecture that has to be experienced and considered, and one that makes the case that spectacle, scale and gesture are no guide to the value of a work of architecture. It is only artistry like this that counts,” and Mark Pimlott ‐ ”The work that John Glew has made here does not point immediately to its status as architecture or even design. In this properly aesthetic work that is directly linked to the body and its knowledge, one is liberated rather than involved in the worship of objects and arrangements.”

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