Past Events

De La Warr Pavilion
Mendelsohn, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill 1935
Modernism in the UK

Docomomo-uk regularly organises events and seminars covering a wide range of topics and architects - see what's coming up next. Below is an archive of our previous events:


Tues. 20 March

Italian Rationalists
An illustrated talk by Judi Loach - info here (pdf)

Tues. 14 Feb.

Laurie Baker: 'The Cost Of Living'
An illustrated talk by Anna Baker - info here (pdf)

Tues. 10 Jan.

Talk by Iain Boyd Whyte - flier here (pdf)


Tues. 22 Nov.

Modern Buildings For Health In The UK
An illustrated talk on five buildings selected for inclusion on the Docomomo International Register this year.
2011 AGM

Sat. 15 Oct.

A Day Trip To Modern Houses In Hertfordshire, Part Two

Mon. 10 Oct.

Louis Khan and the Richards Laboratory Building
A lecture by James Kruhly, FAIA

Flyer here. (Pdf, takes a few seconds to open)

Tues. 13 Sept.

Denmark and South Sweden Study Tour
Reunion and slide show.

Tues. 19 July

What Nikolas Pevsner brought with him from Germany
Lecture by Stephen Games.

More info here.

9 - 14 June

Docomomo Tour of Denmark and Southern Sweden
A short tour, 5 days (4 night), based in Copenhagen visiting buildings by modern architects in Denmark and southern Sweden.

Tues 10 May

Max Bill and the Modernist Movement in Britain
An illustrated talk by Alan Fowler (art historian) and Philip Boyle (coordinator Docomomo-UK)

More info here. (pdf file)

Sat. 30 April

Visit to Trellick Tower and the Cheltenham Estate
Led by Philip Boyle and Emma Dent-Coad

More info here. (pdf file)

Tues 19 April

Modern Architecture and Brick
Lecture by Richard Levington

More info here.

Wed. 30 March

Hugo Häring and Hans Scharoun
- Two Ways of Using Brick

Peter Blundell Jones

Tues 15 Feb.

The Grundtvig Church - Sacred Brick
Thomas Bo Jensen

Sat. 12 Feb.

George Pace Conference
One day conference on the architect George Pace (1915-1975) held in Cardiff.
Professor Alan Powers, Peter G. Pace, Professor Robin Simon, Professor Judi Loach.

More info here.(pdf file)

Tues 11 Jan.

German Expressionist Architecture
- from the crystal to the brick

Lecture by Professor Iain Boyde Whyte

More info here. (5Mb pdf)


Tues 14 Dec.

Preview screening of the film "UTOPIA LONDON"
+ Q & A with the Director Tom Cordell and some of the participants.
The film investigates the work of Modern architects working in the London public sector.

See review here.

Mon. 6 Dec.

Annual Lecture
Influence of the Modern Movement

by Sir David Chipperfield

Museum of Modern Literature, Marbach, Germany

On monday night 6 December David Chipperfield gave a packed house at the RIBA a masterclass in understanding and interpreting the Modern Movement. Giving the Docomomo Annual Address in the Jarvis Hall, Chipperfield voiced his unease over Post-Modernism, which arrived while he was studying at the AA. But in some ways it was a wake-up call which made him and others re-evalue the Modern Movement's tenets; amongst them was 'Form follows function' which he felt had become irrelavent after the first heroic pre-war Modernist period. Instead he gradually found that the language of architecture , particularly in the context of place, was increasingly important within the philosophy of the Modern Movement. Citing works by Le Corbusier and Alvaro Siza, he developed this theme in his own projects, particularly the Henley Rowing Museum, the Marbach Museum of Modern Literature and his work at the Neues Musem, Berlin. He related the sometimes frustrating journey he had to convince clients and interested parties of the importance of ideas as a catalyst for the form of these buildings; but once won over how they came on board to bring them to completion. Another theme Chipperfield warmed to was neighbourhood participation in his projects. Referring to the public route through James Stirling's Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, he showed how the Americas Cup Building in Valencia allowed public access to the lower levels while meeting the client's requirement for VIP viewing terraces above; that was what drove the design, not the simple wish to have white horizontal planes flying out into space. Similarly it was the need for public circulation round the Neues Museum that prompted his solution for a series of covered walkways, now under construction. In the mixture of money and design, the last was the poor cousin that the architect had to fight for; and if only half the money was there, then you had to explain to the client that only half the building could be built. Chipperfield's single-minded devotion to clarity of idea and quality of design permeated all the projects. He dismissed the current international preoccupation with glassy buildings reflecting blue skies and dog walkers as lacking in intellectual depth, and instead argued that the Modern Movement opened the way for thoughtful individual solutions for each project. It was this return to the basic teachings of the Modern Movement, with which Docomomo's programme of lectures and events is concerned, that made David Chipperfield's Annual Lecture, kindly supported by Forticrete, an important and entertaining evening.

More info here.

Tues 16 Nov.

AGM + Memorial Dennis Sharp Lecture
Initial lecture in BDA Series: Modernism and Brick

North German Expressionism
From Crystal to Brick

Illustrated lecture by Professor Iain Boyde Whyte

More info here.

Tues 11 May

Modernism in California ‘Rudolph Schindler’
by Professor Judith Scheine

Sat 1 May

George Pace Conference at St. Michael's College, Cardiff

Tues 20 April

Docomomo-UK 2009/10 Fisches Power and the Modern Movement

More info here.

Tues 23 Mar

Modernism and Photography by Morley Von Sternberg

Tues 16 Feb

Modernism in California ‘Gregory Ain’
by Philip Boyle
Event poster

12 Jan

Modern Movement in Germany
Two Docomomo visits into Karlsruhe and Breslau(Wroclaw), including buildings by Max Berg, Eric Mendelsohn, Gropius, Scharoun.
By James Dunnett


15 Dec

Geoffrey Bawa’s Concrete
Prof David Robson, formerly School of Architecture, University of Brighton
More info here - (takes a moment to load), and here.

1 Dec

Docomomo UK Annual Lecture
Rab Bennetts
More info here - (takes a moment to load) and here.

17 Nov

Adolf Loos Concrete - ("Ornament is a Crime")
Prof. Panayotis Tournikiotis. (School of Architecture, National University, Athens)
More info here.

27 Oct

Ricardo Legoretta and Abraham Zabludovsky’s Concrete (Mexico’s leading Modernist architects)
Louise Noelle
More info here - (takes a moment to load), and here.

22 Sept

Rob Mallet-Stevens’s Concrete
Prof Richard Klein, University of Lille, France.
More info here - (takes a moment to load).

14 July

3 Houses in Paris Tour
Slide show and reunion

20 June

Furniture of Chandigarh
LE CORBUSIER AND PIERRE JEANNERET - symposium at the University of Westminster
More info here: flyer and larger image of poster, and in pdf format: flyer and poster.

30 May

Modernism In Wales
A DOCOMOMO-UK STUDY TOUR - led by Judi Loach of Docomomo Wales.
See here and here for the details.

19 May

Le Corbusier and Post War British Architects
A CONCRETE FORUM - George Finch, Alan Colquhoun, and Jack Pringle. (Click here to see poster [Rick Mather didn't attend], and here and here for more information)

14 Apr

Modern Architecture in Turkey: The Modern Movement Diaspora
Dr Süha Ozkän. (Click here to see poster.)

24-28 Mar

Docomomo Weekend Study Tour (in Paris)
led by Phillip Boyle

10 Mar

Oscar Niemeyer: Curves of Irreverence
talk by Dr Styliane Philippou

27 Jan

'Stefan Sebok and Walter Gropius's design for the 'Total Theatre': fact or fiction?'
talk by Dr Lilly Dubowitz


9 Dec

'Pre-war Pioneers'
lecture by Dennis Sharp and Sally Rendel - more info here

25 Nov

Docomomo-UK Annual Discourse: 'Modernity And Its Discontents'
lecture by Deyan Sudjic OBE, director of the Design Museum - (biog)- more info here

3 Nov

'Ove Arup's Concrete'
lecture by Jane Wernick - more info here

14 Oct

'Les Maisons Jaoul'
lecture by Caroline Maniaque - more info here

30 Sept

Masters Of Concrete: Erno Goldfinger
lecture by James Dunnett (architect)

27 Sept

Drawings By Denys Lasdun + Hallfield School Visit
talk and tour led by Barnabas Calder of Strathclyde University

24 Sept

Perimeter Planning - An Alternative To The Freestanding Block?
talk by Prof Bjorn Linn of Gothenburg

13-20 Sept

10th International Conference

28 June

Arthur Erickson's Concrete
talk by Cheryl Cooper - see poster.

17 June

Moscow tour reunion

21-27 May

Tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg

14 May

Concrete Forum

15 Apr

Pierre Jeanneret at Chandigarth
talk by Prof. Maristella Casciato

18 Mar

Modern Architecture & Paris in the 1960's
(including the work of Jean Renaudié). Talk by Irénée Scalbert.

19 Feb.

Moscow MayEvent: 'Man With Movie Camera'.
illustrated talk by Philip Boyle.

17 Jan Malta's Master Stone and Concrete - talk by Richard England poster


11 Dec Giancarlo De Carlo Concrete
lecture by: John McKean (Brighton University)
20 Nov Jan Duiker's Concrete by Wessel de Jonge (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
1 Nov Docomomo Annual Lectures: The Problem of the 'Modern' in Indian Architecture by Dr Sunard Prasad (Penoyre Prasad Architects), more info
16 Oct Alvar Aalto's Concrete by Richard Weston (Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff), more info
18 Sept Marcel Breuer's Concrete by Allen Cunningham (in conjunction with the Concrete Centre)
26 June Prefabricated Houses by Colin Davies
17 Apr Concrete Forum: Reinventing concrete: Changing the way architects look at concrete
Contributors: David Bennett, Jamie Fobert, Alex de Kijke, Peter St John
20 Mar Le Corbusier 2: 'The Late Works' by William J. Curtis poster
20 Feb Le Corbusier 1: 'Le Corbusier: Sex and the Cosmos'by Charles Jenks poster


12 Dec Frank Lloyd Wright by Sir William MacCormac
21 Nov Denys Lasdun by William Curtis
16 Nov "Hardwired To Fakery" an iconography of iconophobia, from Koolhaas to Corbusier.
17 Oct Manfred Nicholetti on his work
19 Sept Arthur Erickson's Concrete by Trevor Boddy (in conjunction with the Concrete Centre)
7 July Seminar on "Individual Architect Designed Houses of the Postwar Period"
16 May Robert McCarter "Louis Kahn's Concrete"
18 Apr Karla Britton "Auguste Perret's Concrete"
21 Mar David Yeoman's "Owen William's Concrete"
28 Feb Louise Noelle Gros "Felix Candela's Concrete"


6 Dec "Jørn Utzon's Concrete"
- Richard Weston, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff
22 Nov Le Corbusier's Concrete
- Tim Benton, Open University
Click here to see concrete poster
9 NovDOCOMOMO UK Annual Lecture
"Tradition & Innovation"
- John McAslan, John McAslan & Partners
18 Oct Santiago Calatrava's Concrete
- Anthony Tischhauser, Zurich
13 Sept

Soleri's Concrete- Roger Tomalty, Cosanti/Arcosanti AZ

23-25 June Docomomo Study Tour to Madrid
Visits by coach organised by the Madrid College of Architects to great buildings from the 1930s to the present day.
8 June 'The Special Relationship': American Influences on Post-War British Architecture
A lecture by Murray Fraser (of the Universtiy of Westminster), and Joe Kerr (of the Royal College of Art)
18 Apr Concrete & The Aesthetic of Construction: A Repellant Material?
Professor Adrian Forty
2 Apr Visit to the Bata Shoe Factory, Essex


7 Dec Modern Architecture in Japan - Dr Ken Oshima
9 Nov Steel Panels and Cladding in Modern Architecture - Prof. Allen Brookes
School of Architecture, Delf University, and author of a number of publications on cladding and building envelopes.
12 Oct Annual Lecture by Eric Parry, Architect (Offices in Finsbury Square)
26 Sept - 2 Oct International Conference in New York at Columbia University.
On the theme Import-Export: Postwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945-1975
23 Mar
Dr. Dr Mervyn Miller on 'Letchworth Garden City and the Garden City Movement'.
9 Mar Dr Nick Bullock on 'The Strasbourg Housing Competition 1950'.


8 Dec
AGM + Professor Dennis Sharp: "From the Glass Dream to the New Modernism"
14 Oct
Docomomo Annual Discourse by Tony Fretton
18 Sept
Erno Goldfinger and "This is Tomorrow"
10 June
"Flying Phoenixes"
7 May Architecture Medicine and Colonialism
5 May
The Mars Group